About Me
My name is Mishuu. It's only an nickname. But I like it and used it since 2000 on the www. Mishuu is originally Japanese and means something like "First Start" or "Absolute Beginner". Since my study at the university I've make a big student party with my friends called the "Mishuu Party". Our first party with about 600 asian students was a big success.

The picture on the left it's me. It's created on 2007-04-20 by a friend of mine. This picture is dedicated to my girlfriend. Some days before I was very upset about her. So we didn't talked for a while. So this picture is my way to say, let's talk together again.

PS 1: I never send her this picture. And now it's a part of this website called mishuu.com. It's the beginning of something very specials.

PS 2: If you read "Mishuu" fast, it sounds like "Miss You". That's what I want to say to my girlfriend !!!